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Energy Sustainability Solutions

The many areas of energy sustainability can seem endless and over whelming to those unfamiliar. As Energy Consultants, we can assess your unique set of needs, requirements and circumstances to take advantage of the sustainability solutions that are best for you. We can show your company, municipality or not-for-profit, how to take advantage of energy savings opportunities and conservation means to your full benefit, with clear concise energy solutions. In effect, we strive for a win win situation. You win and the environment wins as well.

We visually inspect your property/ies looking for energy conservation measures: areas where you may have older technology resulting in inefficent lighting, HVAC, motor controls, refrigeration, hoods, gas dryers, etc. and suggest ways of upgrading them to qualify you for incentives or rebates, plus reduce your Kwh consumption. For example, if you replace a 100 watt incandescent bulb with an 18 watt LED, you should obtain the same light (the same foot candles), but you save significantly per Kwh burned. Plus, LEDs can last last over seven, and sometimes ten times longer than incandescent and other lights. This dramatic increase in life expectancy can significantly reduce maintence costs - even over years. 

Simply put, Energy Conservaton measures are designed to remove Kwh from your utility bill altogether plus reduce your total cost of ownership expenses.