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JMJ Power is a privately owned and operated energy consulting firm. Our Primary care is your comfort, convenience, and energy consumption costs. We introduce you to ways of minimalizing energy costs, maximizing energy efficiency, and protecting the environment while reducing expenses. We focus on energy efficiency measures and ‘no-brainer’ utility bill cost-cutting. All consultations and energy audits are free of charge, with no obligation on your part.

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Energy Procurement for Commercial Customers

Minimalize Costs

JMJ POWER provides energy procurement for companies seeking electricity and natural gas supply rate solutions. We assist business owners, building owners, building managers, chief financial officers, city, town, and other municipality officers while shopping electricity and natural gas rates to help you achieve your goals. Contracts can typically be for 12, 18 or 24 months... up to 60 months, with a variety of other various contract terms based on a number of factors determined in our consultation. And, for certain situations, sometimes a flex rate can be a good interim solution.

FIRST STEP: Analysis of your Current Supply Contract Portfolio

We review your existing electricity and natural gas supply contracts with your utility bills for your current rates and real termination dates. We also look for errors in billing, termination date penalties and/or overcharges, and assist you in aligning your supply contract end dates with your monthly meter-read dates.

SECOND STEP: Product Review: "All supply contracts are not created equal."

Once we've assisted you in determining your effective electricity and/or natural gas expiration dates, we discuss with you the various different contracts "products" out there, to help you determine which type best suites your business needs and goals. For example, there are fixed rate contracts, index price contracts, fixed/flex contracts, as well as other types of contracts.  Then, there are contract clauses dealing with swing/bandwidth to taxes and pass-thrus. For instance, in New York, you can have the supplier include your GRT (Gross Receipts Tax) or you can have it passed through to you.  And, we use only reliable, reputable "blue chip" energy suppliers. In essence, we help you determine which product is best for you.

THIRD STEP: Market Rate Analysis

You can usually buy your energy supply up to one year prior. We recommend a good three months prior to your supply contract expiration we begin to educate you to the marketplace, put you in sync with its rhythm so you can make a good decision about the best time for you to sign a contract in order to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. While the marketplace may have its general direction, with several indicators from the price of natural gas to its storage capacity, no one can predict the weather, nor how a specific supplier's margins and curves will apply to your particular usage and load profile on any given day.

The only authentic way to develop a real sense of what your price might be in the marketplace is to put you in the marketplace and start obtaining quotes, say once every week or so, and discuss them with you. So, you can make some real time determinations based upon them.

FOURTH STEP: Market Monitoring/Account Management:

After you've signed with us, we offer you the opportunity for us to stay with you. We can monitor your accounts for discrepancies and overcharges. Plus as your supply contract comes due again, we can pre-educate you up to the then new market conditions again.  

In sum, we assist you in determining 1. The right product for you: from "All-In" fixed rate contracts, fixed/flex contracts, index contracts, and the application of important clauses to your business, to the discussion of contract expiration ramifications; 2. The right term for you: usually from 6 to 60 months, although in some cases month-to-month can be helpful, 3. The right time for you to execute a contract and 4. The right monitoring and managing of your account after you sign a supply contract.

Calculating Your Rates

A recent set of utility bills, typically within the last three months, pus your current supplier contract/s are used to determine the rates. We reach out to energy suppliers with that information and inform our clients of the different rates available and factors that are offered in a detailed and explanatory report. We are very informative, upfront, and thorough in our service to you.

Contact us today to find out what rates are available to you.